Current Shift (kuhr-ent shift)

n.1 a digital marketing agency specializing in content marketing, brand storytelling and communcation strategy, supporting sustainable, purpose-driven brands and people who believe in challenging the status quo, shaking things up, and making a differerence.


n.2. a nautical term referring to a change in the direction of a tidal or wind-driven current, requiring an adjustment to a boat’s heading (direction of travel) in order to stay on course and reach the desired destination. 

Communication Strategy & Content Marketing

We help our clients grow and thrive by building strong relationships with their customers, with a focus on shared values and trust.  Powerful stories and conversations with the right person, at the right time, in the right places is at the core of all our work.

On Digital Channels

We help our clients develop holistic integrated marketing and communication strategies that include web, social media, email, blogs, digital advertising, social media advertising, and emerging technology.

For Sustainable and Mission-Driven Companies & Organizations

We love working with people who are challenging the status quo, shaking things up, making a difference, supporting community, and creating a better world.

Our Work

NRS: Digital Analysis, Planning & Strategy

See how we helped NRS develop a new approach to their digital and content marketing, and totally integrate it across all digital channels.

Klean Kanteen: Sustainability Storytelling

Content and storytelling around your mission and sustainability doesn’t have to put your consumers to sleep. We used real stories to educate, entertain and inspire.

Fishpeople: Digital Analysis, Planning & Strategy & Brand Voice Development

Using the insights and key takeaways from an in-depth analysis, we helped Fishpeople up their digital game resulting in huge jumps in performance on all channels.

ECOlunchbox: Digital Analysis, Planning & Strategy

We worked alongside ECOlunchbox to take them from great to amazing, by developing clear short- and long-term goals combined with strategies and planning to get them there.

NRS: Guidevibes Campaign

We helped NRS develop a social sharing campaign that had heart and soul, and brought the brand to a whole new level in the eyes of their consumers.

Acorn: Brand Voice & Personality Development

With our guidance and training, Acorn developed an authentic voice and personality that truly reflects the company’s 40+ year history, the commitment to craftsmanship, and its Maine roots while showcasing the fun, lighthearted side of the brand.