Digital Marketing Analysis, Strategy, and Planning

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NRS is the leading paddlesports brand pioneering the development of gear and equipment for every paddlesport and every level paddler.

The Challenge

NRS was ready to take their social media and digital marketing to the next level, but wasn’t sure how. As their social media presence had expanded to include more networks, the small team found itself stretched thin without strategies tailored to each digital channel and social network or written long-term goals or planning. Departments essential to overall brand communication and content creation were also isolated from each other, making the smooth development of integrated content across channels difficult. NRS came to Current Shift for help in streamlining their systems, identifying strategies and tactics to grow their consumer base, build their Instagram following and put into place integrated strategies and planning across digital channels.

Why It Matters

More than 78% of consumers are connecting and communicating with brands through at least one digital channel, only 14% of companies say they run coordinated marketing campaigns across channels. Without a plan and strategies to integrate messaging across channels to and develop targeted content marketing that resonates with consumers, resources devoted to marketing deliver lackluster results at best and are totally wasted at first. To get where you want to go and reach your goals, a comprehensive, integrated plan is your most valuable tool.



When Current Shift first started working with NRS, the marketing director summed up his goals pretty simply: “I want to be able to take a vacation, or even a weekend, where I don’t have to check my phone.” NRS needed comprehensive analysis of the existing digital channels, combined with developing a clear understanding of their multiple target consumer groups that range from young bro’s to families to retirees.

NRS also needed comprehensive planning with strategies and tactics to develop and target content to the varied consumer groups, while not alienating any. They needed more resources in some areas; and more streamlined systems for managing overall workflow, along with systems and tools to allow them to efficiently manage the process of content planning, creation and publishing. Last but not least, the team needed efficient tracking tools and systems to allow them to pivot and adjust to changes in the digital mediums, trends in the industry and marketing in general, as well as their consumers’ changing behavioral patterns.


What We Did

We started working with NRS in 2013, beginning with an in-depth digital channel and content analysis. In collaboration with the marketing team, we used the insights and key takeaways from that report to develop an overarching digital marketing plan and content strategy with the goal of integrating content across channels. In addition, we identified various needs in terms of human resources and NRS was able to bring additional people onto the team to assist in implementing the plan.

Over the next two years, we continued to work closely with the team, providing updated reports twice a year; working in collaboration with the team to write the annual digital marketing plan using all the information we gained from both the trends within NRS’s own channels and also overall industry and digital marketing trends; developing, implementing and tracking large annual campaigns, and acting as an advisor and resource for the team.


  • Baseline Digital Analysis, Assessment and Report
  • Ongoing bi-annual reporting and monitoring
  • Development of Consumer Personas and Profiles
  • Annual Digital Marketing Plan and Content Strategies (2013, 2014)
  • Collaboration and Consulting in writing the Annual Digital Marketing Plan and Content Strategies (2015 and 2016)
  • Campaign Concepting, Planning, Implementation, Tracking and Reporting (Guidevibes, 2015)
  • Training and Assistance in Campaign Concepting, Planning, Implementation, Tracking and Reporting (Drawn To Water, 2016)
  • Training and Team Development: Brand Voice & Personality Implementation via digital content, Social Media advertising, Digital Marketing & Social Media Trends, Reporting and data analysis, and Impact oriented storytelling, conversations and communication)
  • In-depth analysis of email newsletter used to guide newsletter redesign and overall implementation and strategy shifts
  • Ongoing guidance and consulting to support and empower the team

The Results

We’re still tracking these and will update them soon!